Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey wats up Hunter?! Well that's a pretty cool Blog you've made, Hayli's over here laughing some. :) But I have a question....can I put somthin on it too?

Yo its the 2nd cow hater!

Hey yall Im hailei, a cow hater too. Britt had a pool party yesterday for the softball players and was actually nice to me... Hillary too. Well i g2g to lukelover12 so Bye.


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First Cow Hater

Hey, There are four of us cow haters. We go to Williamston Middle School. We have this girl named Brittany who we have named a cow. She talks crap about us and turns ppl away from us. Our names are Hunter, Hayli, Katelyn, and Meagen. Please give us coments on weither u think we are right or wrong by calling her this. She is fat so that is why she is a cow.
Created By: Hunter